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Common Questions

What types of structures do you move? We move everything from garages to condos. This includes sheds, houses, barns, single-family homes, duplexes, office buildings, warehouses, churches, railway cars (see photos), commercial buildings, and delicate historical buildings. PHOTOS

Can brick, stone and cement block structures be raised? Yes. We have experience working with brick, double brick, stone and solid masonry. We use specialized equipment with hydraulic jacking systems and hydraulic dollies to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Can any house be moved? Financial concerns aside, the answer is yes. PHOTOS

Can the porch, deck, fireplace and attached garage be moved with our home? It may be necessary to move some of these sections separately depending on the travel route to your new location. We can move your home with or without the fireplace and our estimate will provide pricing both ways.

My home is on a slab foundation but it needs to be raised 10 feet for flood protection, can you do that? Yes. We will raise your home, build a new foundation, remove the existing slab, install pilings and then place the home on its new foundation. PHOTOS

How far can a building be moved? If the travel route is good, a building can be moved practically any distance. When moving a building over one-and-a-half stories high, utility wires may have to be raised along the travel route, which, depending on the number involved, increases the price of the move.

A condo developer bought my property in Orange Beach and now I would like to move the beach house to my place on Apalachicola River, can you handle that? No problem, just another day at the Office Phone Phone! We can move your beach house by barge to any location with water access nearby. PHOTOS

Can you move our two-story home about 50 miles to our farm? What about the hundreds of utility lines along the way, wouldn't that be cost prohibited ? To avoid utility wire cost we separate the second floor from the first floor and remove it with a crane. Both sections are moved at the same time to the new location where the crane moves the upper floor in place to be reattached. This process is less expensive than having to work with the utility wires. PHOTOS

Can we stay in our house while you’re raising it for a new foundation? Yes. Owners often remain in their home while we work, especially when we are raising a house and excavating for a new foundation. (We find creative ways to make this possible.)

We want to move my dad's family home from Bagdad Florida to Brewton, Alabama, but Bagdad is 2 hours from Semmes, would your location affect the costs of moving my home? We service an area 300 miles from Mobile, so your location is not a factor in determining the cost. We appreciate the fine historic homes in Bagdad and would be happy to carefully transplant your dad's home to its new location in Brewton. PHOTOS

Our home sits in the middle of 2 acres near Foley, Alabama, can you move it over to the edge of the property so we can subdivide the remaining property? Sure, we do this often. One client moved their home over a few feet and sold the remaining property to an expanding development.

Will the move damage my home?  The remedial repairs due to the move is minimal. Sometimes there are stress cracks in the drywall over doorways (but no more than you will see in an average new house that settles). Doors may need to be adjusted but no structural damage will occur.

How much does it cost to raise or move a house? Every project is unique and there are many factors that affect the cost and the total price is based on the amount of equipment and crew time required. For an estimate on moving a structure be prepared to answer the questions on the worksheet here. (new window will open).

How high can a house be raised? Your zoning rules dictate the maximum allowable height and square foot coverage on the lot. Check with your planning department.

Can I add a basement to my home? Yes. We can raise your home and after the basement is constructed the home can be lower into position.

Do I need a permit to relocate my house? Yes, we will advise you as we proceed.

Do I need extra insurance while my house is being moved? Your home is insured for a maximum of 30 days while it is on our equipment. Advise your agent of the move and make sure your coverage will be adequate at the new location

What is your service area?  We work within 300 miles of Mobile, in Alabama and Mississippi.

Are references available? will be happy to furnish references as well as a Certificate of Insurance upon request.

No project is too intricate or insignificant! We like challenges.

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